Must Watch: Singer Kid Rock SLAMS Colin Kaepernick, On And Off Stage

Singer and songwriter, Kid Rock, has never once shied away from displaying his patriotism in the faces of anti-American leftists. The outspoken superstar took time out from his show in Boston to blast Colin Kaepernick. Rock destroyed Kaepernick infront of a massive crowd but it wasn’t the first time he’s put Kaepernick on notice.

In fact, back on September 11th, Kid Rock told the world exactly what he thought of Kaepernick on his Facebook account. Rock, Basically lets the defamed ex-NFL player know that the reason he’s still unemployable is that Kaepernick is a terrible player:

“People! Pay NO attention to the garbage the extreme left is trying to create! (and by the way, f*ck the extreme left and the extreme right!)

They are trying to use the old confederate flag BS, etc. to stir the pot, when we all know none of this would be going on if I were not thinking of running for office. Pretty funny how scared I have them all and their only agenda is to try and label people / me racist who do not agree or cower to them!! No one had a word to say when we sold out the 6 shows at LCA back in January! My track record in Detroit and Michigan speaks for itself, and I would dare anyone talking trash to put theirs up against mine. I am also a homeowner and taxpayer in the city of Detroit, so suck on that too!

I am the bona fide KING OF DETROIT LOVE and it makes me smile down deep that you haters know that! Your jealousy is merely a reflection of disgust for your own failures and lack of positive ideas for our city.

I am however very disappointed that none of the people, businesses or charities I have so diligently supported in Detroit have had anything to say about all these unfounded attacks from these handful of jack*sses and The Detroit Free Press. So for the unforeseen future I will focus my philanthropy efforts on other organizations besides the ones I have supported in the past. I would however employ that NAN go ahead and make up these losses since they claim to be so good for Detroit and do not want me opening the arena and generating tons of jobs and tax dollars for the city and people I LOVE… IDIOTS! ….. (Has Al Sharpton even paid his back taxes yet?)

P.S. Sam Riddle is a piece of sh*t criminal and prime example of a lot that is and has been wrong with Detroit. Sam, you suck and you know it! (If anyone does not know who he is, please Google him!)

P.P.S. To be clear – F*ck ANYONE who takes a knee or sits during our national anthem! Pretty sure if Russell Wilson or Tom Brady were doing it they would have no problem finding a job playing for any team they wanted in the NFL! So cut the bullsh*t!

P.P.P.S. Just saw this latest fake news piece……/kid-rock-gloats-over-sharpton-kids-bust/
The idiot that posted it is such a bad reporter that he/she did not even check to see if this was my Twitter (which it is NOT!) – of course the press will report on everything else I have said here except this fake news. Unreal. (and these are the types of stories that can not be taken back in this day and age because they go viral so quickly and the damage is done before the corrections can be made.)

P.P.P.P.S. On a positive note, I can’t wait to rock everyone’s socks off at LCA the next few weeks! We have been beyond working hard and have something we think all in attendance will enjoy (as long as you don’t mind a few f-bombs here and there! lol).

There is so much to be thankful for and so many positive things going on in and around our city / state that we need not let these handful of jerks sway that in any way. 
I know I should probably not even have posted anything about these bottom feeders but I will always stand up for myself, my family, my friends, my fans, my city, my state, my country and the good in human nature!


God bless

-Kid Rock”

Kid Rock’s expressive distaste for the kneeling player didn’t end there. While playing his hit song ‘Born Free’ at a Fenway Park concert in Boston, Rock had a few choice words for Kaepernick. With a backdrop of a huge American flag, Rock took a knee, screaming into the elated crowd, “Man, f*ck Kaepernick”.

Warning: Video contains strong language:

As Written By Maxim:

One unnamed NFL exec quoted by ESPN gave some insight as to why: “It’s about the risk of what happens to the team concept when you sign a guy—a quarterback—who has put his personal agenda ahead of what we are all charged to do, which is put the team first.”

“As a team builder,” the exec continued, “I cannot risk that happening again, especially for a borderline starter who needs the entire offense catered to his style.”

Which, I believe, is exec speak for “We agree with Kid Rock”.

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