Nadler Foolishly Readies His Impeachment Plan After A Redundant Mueller Hearing

Mueller found himself in front of Congress answering questions that he has already gone over. The Dems somehow felt that the hearing was a slamdunk, despite getting next to nothing from it. But Rep Nadler felt so revitalized by it that he is once again talking about impeaching the president.

Although House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continued to indicate that it’s still not time to begin that inquiry, she and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler did welcome a more detailed discussion among House Democrats eager to know the game plan over impeachment now that Mueller is done with his testimony.

Nadler indicated that one possibility was to have the six congressional committees that are investigating Trump to formally draft articles of impeachment against the President, according to sources with knowledge of the discussion. One of the sources cautioned, however, that it was an idea he floated but not one that is currently underway.

At an earlier press conference, Nadler said the next step for his probe would be to go to court this week to enforce a subpoena for former White House counsel Don McGahn, a key figure in Mueller’s report in the section describing multiple potential episodes of obstruction of justice.

“We want to have the strongest possible case to make a decision as to what path we will go down,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, noting that the time they have and information they want before making that choice is not “endless.”

“If it comes to a point where the cone of silence and the obstruction of justice and the cover up in the White House prevents us from getting that information, that will not prevent us from going forward, and that is even more grounds to go forward,” added Pelosi.

This is just more wishful thinking on the Democrat’s part. If only they were this passionate when it came to actual issues, like the Border Crisis.