New Jersey Gov Pushes Warped New Tax – Only A Dem Would Do This

Liberal lawmakers put a strain on everyone’s sanity with their reckless policies but this new one is a doozie. Let’s put it this way, if you’re a Republican living in New Jersey, we feel for you. The blue State’s residents could soon be slapped with a rain tax.

That’s right… a tax on rain.

Democrat Govoner, Phil Murphy, decides to sign the passed legislation from New Jersey’s legislature calling for a “rain tax”.

Breitbart reported that the legislation, Senate Bill S-1073, which the New Jersey Assembly and Senate approved, would allow local governments to create water utilities that would give them the power to tax homeowners and business owners with large paved surfaces.

When it rains, the rainwater mixes with pollutants and seeps into municipal sewage systems. The money collected would replace or repair sewage pipes or create “green infrastructure,” such as rain gardens that would collect polluted water.

“With all the salt that we’ve had on roads recently, that’s all running into the sewer systems. So you can’t ignore problems because they don’t go away,” Senate President Steve Sweeney told CBS New York.

Sweeney said most states already have stormwater utilities that collect and filter runoff from storms. In New Jersey, the runoff goes directly into streams, rivers, and bays, carrying with it pollution like lawn fertilizers that contaminate the waterways.

Fox News points out that the bill would allow the utilities to go after people who don’t pay and charge interest on unpaid fees, effectively constituting a tax lien—the same method used on delinquent property taxes.

“Under the bill, a county, municipality, or authority (local unit) that establishes a stormwater utility is authorized to charge and collect reasonable fees and other charges to recover the stormwater utility’s costs for stormwater management,” the bill reads.

The governor’s office told Fox News on Wednesday that they would not comment on the pending legislation when asked if Murphy would sign the bill. But local reports suggest Murphy will sign the legislation.

The nerve of New Jersey’s residents… having houses with roofs…