WHOA: Democrat Tries To Cover His Tracks After Telling GOP Staffer To ‘Kill Herself’

New York State Democratic Sen. Kevin Parker tweeted — then deleted — instructions to a GOP staffer, telling her “kill yourself” on Tuesday.

It all started with a tweet about a bike lane in New York, blocked by cars allegedly abusing placards to park where they shouldn’t. New York State Senate Majority’s deputy communications director Candice Giove dug a little deeper and claimed that one of the placards belonged to Sen. Parker — but the vehicle was not the same one to which the placard was legally assigned, according to Daily Caller.

Ironically, Parker goes on to say that Giove is the one on the “wrong side of history”- I think not, buddy.

In addition to practically assaulting women, Parker supports a bill that requires prospective firearm purchasers to submit their social media history for scrutiny to determine if they should be granted a gun license.

A sitting State Senator of New York who is telling a private citizen to kill herself. Imagine if Trump said something like this. The media would be all over it. Nevermind the “impeach 45” Democrats

Sen. Parker tried to delete the tweet but the good folks of Twitter have grown tired of that game and were able to snag screenshots of the disgusting comment:

The staffer, who was shocked at the Senators extreme comment replied, “Did a Senator just writ this to me?”. Parker, who already stuck foot into his hateful mouth, publicly, tried his best to back peddle:

“I sincerely apologize. I used a poor choice of words. Suicide is a serious thing and should not be made light of.” – Parker replied.

Parker told POLITICO.“the real question is, has anybody called and asked her why she’s on the wrong side of history?” He added, “why so much sympathy for this woman who has time after time after time to defy the values and the needs and the wants of the people of New York state?”

He added, “These guys lost elections, both the IDC and the Republicans, because they’re out of step with the people of New York. And I won my election.”

Senate Minority Leader Andrea Stewart Cousins, who will lead the new Democratic majority in January, issued a statement after Parker’s apology.

“I was disappointed in Senator Parker’s tweet. Suicide is a serious issue and should not be joked about in this manner,” she said in a statement.