Newly Released Cohen Text Messages That Mueller Left Off Of His Report

A Georgian-American businessman put Mueller’s entire report on notice when he came forward with his actual text messages. Giorgi Rtskhiladze pointed out some ‘glaring inaccuracies’ in SC Robert Mueller’s report. Particularly as it pertains to his messages to Cohen about alleged videotapes from Moscow. The contents of these rumored tapes are still unknown and as verified at this point as the bogus Steele Dossier.

Daily Caller reported that “Rtskhiladze claims that the special counsel’s report inaccurately quotes his text message with Cohen. He says that additional text messages not quoted in the report show that he was doubtful about a rumor he had heard from an associate in Moscow about the existence of a tape.

“We strongly demand that a full and immediate retraction of these falsehoods should be issued forthwith to restore his good name,” wrote A. Scott Bolden, a lawyer for Rtskhiladze. The letter was first reported by Bloomberg News and obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Bolden’s letter takes issue with several parts of the the special counsel’s report, including the quote of Rtskhiladze’s text message as reading: “Stopped flow of tapes from Russia but not sure if there’s anything else. Just so you know.”

Rtskhiladze actually wrote that he had “stopped flow of some tapes,” the text messages show.

Rtskhiladze told prosecutors during interviews in 2018 that he was told that the tapes were fake but that he did not communicate that to Cohen, according to Mueller’s report. Cohen told Mueller’s team in a Sept. 12, 2018 interview that he notified Trump about the message from Rtskhiladze.”

Rtskhiladze says that the messages, in full, are proof that he only heard second hand that there might be tapes and that the tapes themselves were mere rumors, not facts. Which was backed up by Cohen’s previous testimony:

“Are you aware of any videotapes that may be the subject of extortion or blackmail?” a Democratic Congress member asked Cohen.

“I’ve heard about these tapes for a long time. I’ve had many people contact me over the years. I have no reason to believe that tape exists,” said Cohen.

The tapes, even now, are still merely rumors but Mueller’s report presented an edited form of the text messages between Cohen and the Georgian businessman to Congress as evidence of their existence.