NY Gov Cuomo Passes Supers Strict “Red Flag” Gun Control Law [Video]

New York is a Liberal state. They voted in Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, which is really saying something about the type of people that live there. Due to these poor decisions they also voted in Gov Cuomo who just Monday has taken big step in the direction of disarming Americans.

New York Gov Cuomo passed the “Red Flag Law” aka the extreme risk protection order bill. It is a new law that allows citizens to lose their gun right based on the word of others.

Family members, school administrators and law enforcement officials can seek to get guns confiscated from people deemed by courts to be an “extreme risk” to themselves or others, under legislation signed Monday.”

While 13 states and Washington, D.C. have enacted similar laws, New York’s is different because teachers and school officials can seek the order.”

So this means if a family member, teacher, or officer goes to the courts and files a report saying a person is dangerous they can have their weapons confiscated without getting a say in the matter.

Pelosi and other Gun Control Nuts love New York’s new law.

This gun violence issue is a national health epidemic in our country. And Mr. President, if you want to talk about emergencies, this is an emergency,” Pelosi said. The House in Washington is advancing gun control measures later this week, she said.”

Watch The Video Below.

Gov Cuomo also took a moment to jab at Trump while signing the bill into law, mocking his want arm teachers.

He also chastised President Donald Trump and others who have suggested arming school teachers to combat the wave of school shootings in the U.S. in recent years.

“I mean, how ludicrous a concept — arm the teacher so when the bad person comes into the classroom, there can be a shootout in the classroom,” Cuomo said. “I mean, really, ludicrous and nonsensical.”

This law is a huge 2nd amendment violation. The right to bear arms is not the right to bear arms unless your neighbor says otherwise. It looks like another state has fallen prey to the Liberals Anti-Gun agenda.