Ocasio-Cortez Says It’s Your Fault Her Approval Ratings Suck!

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez seems to make the news almost as much as Trump does. She is a constant reminder of what extreme leftist stances are. But it turns out she is not fooling anyone with her bubbly charm.

A new Gallup poll finds that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a 31% favorable rating and a 41% unfavorable rating. This makes for a -10 point net favorability rating (favorable – unfavorable).

This poll is very similar to a February Fox News poll, which gave Ocasio-Cortez a -13 point net favorability rating because of a 26% favorable rating and a 39% unfavorable rating.”

These poll numbers are a pretty good indication as to why Nancy Pelosi and centrist freshman Democrats have been hesitant to tie themselves too much to Ocasio-Cortez. She simply put isn’t popular among Americans at large.”

AOC responded to the approval rating on Twitter.

If you want to know what subconscious bias looks like, it’s a headline saying “AOC is underwater with every group EXCEPT women, nonwhites, and 18-34 year olds.”

So older, conservative white men are considered “everyone” and everyone else is discounted as an exception.”

“The reason people know more is bc Fox News has turned into “AOC TMZ” (no offense to TMZ), so awareness is growing w/ GOPers.@JaneMayerNYer has reported deeply on this propaganda machine + it will be aimed at any Dem they want. Nothing changes that.

We can’t be scared by that.”

That is nothing more than a hysterical lie.

Fox News is a small island, a very small island, in an ocean of fake news and fake news loves them Alexandria Ocasio-Crazy.

What’s more, Ocasio-Crazy’s overall favorability ratings did not just drop among old, white men. It also dove seven points with Independents, three points with women, seven points with young people aged 18-34, and eight points with those aged 35-54.

But I guess it’s easier to blame Fox News rather than the fact you have been exposed as a real-life Bond villain: a monster claiming to want to save humanity when your real goal is to rule over humanity.”