Oregon GOP Senator Defies Governor: “Send Bachelors & Come Heavily Armed”

Oregon Republican Senators are making a stand. They are refusing to go back to the State Senate Building. The will not go back until the Dem Majority agrees to stop trying to pass a bill to reduce fossil fuel emissions by 2050. The Democrat Senators and the Governor are angry, as the Senate cannot do anything until the Republicans return. They need 20 people in order to form a quorum. It has gotten to the point that the governor is now threatening to sic the police on the protesting Republicans, to force them to return.

Governor Kate Brown commented on the protest.

“After many hours of well-intentioned, respectful negotiations on Wednesday, the Senate has come to an impasse. The Senate Republicans have decided to abandon their duty to serve their constituents and walk out. The Senate Democrats have requested the assistance of the Oregon State Police to bring back their colleagues to finish the work they committed to push forward for Oregonians. As the executive of the agency, I am authorizing the State Police to fulfill the Senate Democrats’ request. It is absolutely unacceptable that the Senate Republicans would turn their back on their constituents who they are honor-bound to represent here in this building. They need to return and do the jobs they were elected to do.”

“Republicans soon fired back.

“Protesting cap-and-trade by walking out today represents our constituency and exactly how we should be doing our job,” Senate Republican Leader Herman Baertschiger Jr., of Grants Pass, said in a statement Thursday. “We have endured threats of arrest, fines and pulling community project funds from the governor, Senate president and majority leader. We will not stand by and be bullied by the majority party any longer.”

Republican Sen. Brian Boquist responded by telling state police to “send bachelors and come heavily armed” if they come and get him.”

I can tell you I will be in multiple states and on the move and some of my colleagues are as well,” Senator Tim Knopp told KOIN 6 News Thursday evening.

Senators risk a $500 fine for each day they fail to appear. The session ends on June 30, which means if Republicans don’t come back, all the bills from the previous session will have to be re-introduced in a special session.”

The Senate Republicans are doing exactly what their constituents would want. As it stands they have no chance of beating Dems in a vote, as they are the minority. So they are doing everything in their power to stop Dems from passing bad legislation. This is admirable as they are facing fines, and are going to be hunted down by the police.