Oregon Man Steals From The Girl Scouts For a “Dirty Massage”

Brian Couture takes the cake when it comes to being a despicable human being. Couture put his wants before the needs of his own daughter.

His daughter was in the Girls Scouts and has raised $700 in cookie sales. Instead of safeguarding the money Couture came up with a plan to steal from his own daughter.

Couture messed up his place, bleed on some stuff, damaged his laptop and then called 911. He claimed he had been assaulted during a robbery.

Neighbors said police arrived with their sirens blaring.

“I heard sirens and I could see it up the street from my house, so I went to my driveway and my neighbors also,” one neighbor told KOIN 6 News. “An officer pulled up and said, ‘Have you seen a guy in a heavy coat around here?’ We said, ‘No what’s going on?’ He said ‘There’s been a home break-in.'”

“The thief” got away with the seven hundred dollars… Couture was taken to the hospital and was quickly deemed fine.

The authorities felt there was something off about the robbery, and the more they looked into it, the more they suspected that the whole thing was a farce. After challenging Couture multiple times Couture finally cracked.

Couture admitted he falsified the report. Couture told police that he stole the money from his daughter to pay for an erotic massage and faked the robbery when he realized he couldn’t explain the missing funds.

Judge Roberts imposed a $100 fine on Couture and he will also be placed on probation.”

In March, the Girl Scouts released a statement saying, “At this time, Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington is following our normal procedure to collect on funds owed. The stewardship of Girl Scout troop funds is a top priority for our organization, and that is our focus in this matter.”

This is just sad. The money wasn’t even for anything important. A father stole from his own daughter for a happy ending. What a horrible human being…