Pelosi Causes Chaos In The House With Her Trump Slight

Trump went after the freshmen Dems the other day, which caused a big uproar with the Dems. Many Democrats came to the defense of these inciting, and often lying Freshmen House Dems. They were triggered and called Trump a racist. On Tuesday Pelosi thought it was ok to call Trump a racist while on the House floor. She quickly found out, that she was in the wrong.

Pelosi addressed with this long spiel about how she felt Trump was wrong and racist.

“There’s no excuse for any response to those words but a swift and strong unified condemnation. Every single member of this institution, Democratic and Republican, should join us in condemning the president’s racist tweets,” Pelosi said confidently. “To do anything less would be a shocking rejection of our values, and a shameful abdication of our oath of office to protect the American people.”

Pelosi was given a chance to amend what she said but she refused to. Republicans requested that her words be taken down.

The chairman then reminded the House not to make personality-based comments, to try and warn the Democrats that they went too far.

But House Republicans were not done and requested again, that Pelosi’s words be taken down as they were unparliamentary.

The House was then suspended until this matter was properly addressed.

Pelosi’s speech that brought the House to a halt.


The Chairman then made a statement.

“I came in here to try to do this in a fair way. I kept warning both sides, let’s not do this.” Missouri Rep Cleaver commented. “We don’t ever, ever want to pass up, it seems, an opportunity to escalate and that’s what this is. I dare anybody to look at any of the footage and see if there is any unfairness. But unfairness is not enough. Because we want to just fight.”

“I abandon the chair,” he said as he rose to leave.

House Chairman abandons his chair.

Rep Nalder made a motion to allow Pelosi to proceed. The Dems, of course, passed the motion. As they don’t seem to care about rules.

Vote To unsuspend Pelosi

Rep Kevin McCarthy tweeted about the incident.

“The facts are clear: the House rules of order and decency were broken by the very person tasked with upholding them—the Speaker of the House. But just now, Democrats voted to ignore the rules and give special treatment to one of their own.”

The Dems can get away with anything since they have the House majority. They proved that today after Pelosi brought her slander to the House floor, and Dems gave her a pass.