Pelosi’s Last Ditch Effort To Fend Off Challenge [Video]

Pelosi tries to cut off brewing mutiny within the ranks. House Dems started a petition to move the Democratic House Leadership vote back to allow ‘new blood’ a chance to challenge Pelosi. Of course, once the House Leader caught wind she pushed the vote back herself.

Clearly, Democrats are sick of being represented by Pelosi and who wouldn’t be? In all my years I have never witnessed a single person who struggled to form words, slurred or misquoted more than her. This just shows the level of turmoil within the Democratic party…

According to Politico, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Friday unexpectedly called for a delay in caucus leadership elections until after Thanksgiving.

Pelosi’s request follows a behind-the-scenes scramble inside the House Democratic Caucus this week to force a delay in the elections, which are typically held in the first few weeks after the midterms.

Pelosi was trying to beat her own members to the punch, pushing out her letter first on Friday after word circulated that several rank-and-file Democrats had already drafted their own missive demanding a delay and were quickly gathering signatures in support.

“I believe it is important that we follow the schedule for leadership elections that the Caucus set last cycle, allowing additional time for freshmen to get oriented,” Pelosi wrote to her colleagues. “My recommendation to the Caucus would be to set leadership elections sometime after Thanksgiving, at a date to be determined by the Caucus.”

As Reported By News Max:

Their letter calls for leadership elections on Dec. 5, according to a copy obtained by Politico.

Other Democrats signing the letter include Louisiana Rep. Cedric Richmond, chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, and Kentucky Rep. John Yarmuth, ranking member of the House Budget Committee.

“Instead of having a leadership election jammed down our throat,” one Democrat involved in the effort told Politico, “let’s give it some time so that people have opportunity to — especially the new folks — absorb the process.”