Poll: Americans Are Sick of the “Witch Hunt”

It seems Americans are sick of the Democrats ploys to impeach Trump. They are no longer being fooled by the MSM and Dems agenda.

A new USA Today/Suffolk poll seems to show that Americans are growing increasingly antsy with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and now, more than ever, agree with President Donald Trump that Mueller’s investigation amounts to a “witch hunt.”

And although Democrats are still gung-ho on the issue, more Americans, overall, see impeaching the president over his possible ties to Russian officials as a waste of time.”

Trump’s relentless attacks on Mueller and his inquiry have taken a toll on the special counsel’s credibility. Now, 28 percent say they have a lot of trust in the former FBI director’s investigation to be fair and accurate. That’s the lowest level to date, and down five points since December,” according to the Aberdeen News’ rundown of the poll results. “In comparison, 30 percent express a lot of trust in Trump’s denials, the highest to date.”

“Fifty percent say they agree with Trump’s assertion that the special counsel’s investigation is a “witch hunt” and that he has been subjected to more investigations than previous presidents because of politics; 47 percent disagree. Just 3 percent don’t have an opinion.

There is, unsurprisingly, a stark partisan divide on that question: 86 percent of Republicans but just 14 percent of Democrats say Trump is the victim of a “witch hunt.” Among independents, 54 percent say he is; 42 percent say he isn’t.

Still, the president’s success in persuading fully half of the electorate that he’s been subjected to unprecedented scrutiny is notable, says David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk Political Research Center.

“Even among people who said they had ‘some’ trust in the Mueller investigation, half agreed with President Trump’s witch-hunt allegation,” he said.”

It’s about time Americans see through the Dems shenanigans. The Dems are constantly running their mouth about Trump. They are hateful, but they have nothing on him. If they did Nadler wouldn’t be sending out 60 different requests into Trump. The Dems are going over Trump’s life with a fine tooth comb in an attempt to find something to incriminate him with. It’s just ridiculous. The Dems are proving to be petty beyond reason. Trump won Hillary Lost its been over two years now get over it.