Popular Lib Claims Far Left Movement Will Lose Dems The Election In 2020

The host of ‘Real Time with Bill Maher claims Dems the far-left movement is going to kill any chance of Dems winning the upcoming presidential election. He feels these Dems failing to understand the people of the country and will cause Trump. Maher appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to talk about the upcoming election and his fears of a Trump win.

“I sat through the last debate screaming at the television set, as one Democratic candidate after another suggested that Barack Obama was too conservative on health care and immigration. How maddening is that to you, that they’re having this race to the far left?”  host Joe Scarborough asked

“It’s not good. It’s kind of a cancer on progressivism. I have been saying this for years, that, first of all, you have to stand up to Twitter. Twitter isn’t us. Twitter isn’t the rank and file Democrat. It’s not even most liberals. But they don’t do it. This race is begging for someone to do a kind of a Sister Soulja moment with that far left,” Maher claimed.

This is the Democrats race to lose, I think a formula for winning, put pot on the ballot…”

“But, yes, if you run on taking away people’s health care and taxing them too much and taking away all of their guns and trans women get abortion rights, I think that came up in the first debate, I don’t think you are going to win this election.”

“I think the only way the Democrat loses is to convince a lot of people that they are actually scarier or crazier than Trump, which is not easy to do but I think they can,” Maher added referring to the cancerous progressive movement.

“The Trump voter….If you talk to them, what they always say, what they like about him is he’s not politically correct you know he doesn’t back down…I think we underestimate how much America has been choking on political correctness for 25 years.”

Watch The Video Below.

Well lucky for us the Dems are doing just what Maher said will lose them the race in 2020. They have moved too far to the left and another Trump win will let them know just how disconnected they are from Americans.