Liberals Punish Teacher For Demanding Respect In Her Classroom [Video]

The University of Texas-San Antonio professor that simply asked a student to be respectful in class still faced punishment.

The teacher’s actions were twisted into the left’s warped narrative when social media grabbed the viral video and claimed the teacher singled out the student because of race.

The Daily Wire previously reported that Moss was accused of racism and investigated after she called the police on a disruptive student. Another student had claimed Moss had called the police just because this other student “had her feet up.” The tweet went viral and Moss was investigated. That investigation found no racial motive for calling the police, and even the disciplined student said she didn’t believe race was a factor. The professor and student apologized to each other.

Kimberly Andrews Espy, provost and vice president for academic affairs, sent an email Jan. 20 to UTSA faculty stating that Moss, the professor who had UTSA police escort a student out of her class last semester, was under investigation again.

“Today, college and university leadership became aware of a new concern regarding classroom management by Dr. Anita Moss, the faculty member involved in a classroom incident in November 2018 on the UTSA Main Campus,” Espy said in the email. “A preliminary inquiry revealed that despite persistent and substantive intervention, there remain persistent concerns with Dr. Moss’ classroom management that warrant her relief from all instructional responsibilities at this time.”

The problem started when another student, Apurva Rawal, put out a tweet making it seem like Moss had flipped out and called the police just because a student had her feet up in class. He sent a video of the police removing the student:

The tweet went viral and media outlets like BET claimed Burgess was removed simply for being black and putting her feet up. Rawal continued tweeting that in the prior class, Moss “went on a whole tirade about how uncivil we all were because a few students were on their phone or not paying attention, cutting lecture time for the rest of us because her ego was bruised.”

thought, the teacher was cleared of the bogus claim of racism, she was still punished and suspended. Apparently, what the school really had a problem with was the teacher conducting her class like a professional and demanding her students behave like adults.