Recent Study Shows Just How Many Libs Still Live With Mom And Dad, Shocker: It’s A LOT!

A Berlin study showed that of the liberal protesters they arrested 92% still lived at home with their parents.

Now that may be in Berlin, but here in the U.S. over 14 million adults are also living at home and there could be a correlation there.

“A recent analysis found that 14 million adults between the ages of 23 to 37 are living with their parents, a sign that some millennials may have financial burdens.

The analysis by Zillow Opens a New Window. determined that 21.9 percent of millennials lived with their parents, up from 12.7 percent in 2000. More millennials chose to stay with their parents in areas where the rents were high. The study surveyed data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the American Community Survey.

The cities where most millennials lived with their parents due to affordability and other factors were Riverside, Calif., Miami, Fla., Los Angeles, Calif., New York, N.Y. and San Antonio, Texas. The analysis stated the median rent in those cities “would have devoured upwards of 35 percent of the income earned by the typical household.”

The cost of living is high in a lot of blue states, especially in California.

As housing costs soar in the Bay Area, more millennials are living with mom and dad. In the San Francisco and San Jose metro areas, more than a fifth of young adults between the ages of 23 and 37 lived with their parents in 2017, according to a Zillow analysis of U.S. Census data, increasing 65 percent in San Francisco and 56 percent in San Jose since 2005. The growth is striking, Zillow noted, because young adults are living at home even as the economy booms and unemployment rates are low.”

I think a lot of these incidences here in the United States could be related to location. There are plenty of places that are far more affordable, but they are not deemed as desirable to live. But these Leftists or millennials need to buckle down and change their lifestyles, they are clearly living beyond their means.