Rep Crenshaw Goes After Hillary Clinton For Her Hypocrisy.

Rep Dan Crenshaw was not holding back after he saw Hillary Clinton try to bash Republicans for the Border Crisis. Crenshaw pointed out just how wrong Hillary was, and then found that she was also trying to raise money to fight for the migrant’s rights.

Hillary’s Tweet.

“Two-year-olds in detention. Children forced to take care of other children. Not enough food or water.

Demand accountability from your Republican representatives for allowing this administration to cage children and keep them in unconscionable conditions. 

Crenshaw responded to this ridiculous tweet.

“What insane gaslighting.

You know Dems have refused to support funding for resources at the border & have offered no solutions.

So tell us, if you were President, how would you manage hundreds of thousands of people illegally crossing our border and dragging children with them? …”

This is outrageous. She would not do any better, in fact, the MSM would likely hide it for her as they did for Obama. Hillary is not the only Dem that is pushing this nonsense. The Dems are constantly calling for better treatment of migrants at the border. But when you ask them about possible solutions, it’s usually crickets from their side. This is more of a blame game than anything else.

But Hillary was not done there, as she also tweeted to bring awareness to some charities that are working to defend migrants at the border.

“There are amazing groups at the border and beyond doing critical work to defend the rights of immigrant and refugee children.

If you can, please chip in to support a few of them today. 

Crenshaw was quick to respond.

“After blatantly lying, you’re also fundraising for “rights of immigrants” using ActBlue, the Democratic Party fundraising platform, so that donor data is collected for the Democrats.

Absolutely shameless.”

He is not wrong, Dems are shameless. They will complain about the treatment of migrants while doing next to nothing to help the border situation. And then make things worse by trying to find people to fight for migrants, making the whole process more difficult, bogging up the system. Dems want the migrants to be treated like American Citizens, as they are all about opening the border. They don’t care that 1 out of 4 migrants usually have criminal records.