Rep. Gohmert Holds His Ground: Hillary “Compromised America’s Security” [Video]

After his intense line of questioning of anti-Trumper, FBI Agent Peter Strzok, Congressman Gohmert was given the opportunity to elaborate on his astounding accusations against Hillary Clinton. Rep. Gohmert has been under fire for not ignoring Strzok’s alleged affair with FBI lawyer Lisa Page and throwing it in the Agent’s face at the hearing.

According to The Blaze, In an interview after his explosive performance questioning Peter Strzok Thursday, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) made astounding claims against former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Fox News.

Gohmert told Brian Kilmeade on Fox News that he regretted that his outburst and insult against Strzok were overshadowing the very important information he had gathered during the hearing.

“He [Strzok] was told by the intelligence community inspector general’s investigator Frank Rutger that they had found an anomaly in the emails going to and from Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized private server,” Gohmert explained.

“And it was when they forensically examined the anomaly, they found embedded information, and it was a foreign entity, not Russia, but a foreign entity that was getting every single one of her, over thirty thousand, emails,” he continued.

“And it wasn’t Russia,” Gohmert emphasized, “it wasn’t Russia!”

“So you’re saying that in Hillary Clinton’s emails,” Kilmeade asked, “they were forwarded to someone else?”

“Yes, and it was because they were hacked,” Gohmert answered, “and [DOJ Inspector General] Horowitz didn’t point that out, you know they, and the previous story you know that [former FBI Director James] Comey gave us, well it was not a good server, it was possible that it got hacked, but there was no evidence that it was hacked, and then we find out, and that’s what I brought out today, that the intelligence community, IG, brought it to their attention and they did nothing. Nothing!”

“And this is a foreign entity, not related to Russia in the least!” Gohmert repeated.

“She compromised America’s security!” he concluded.