Rep Jordan Warns The House Dems Are Conspiring To Take Down Trump

Host Sandra Smith from “America’s Newsroom” interviewed Rep. Jim Jordan. They discussed how Dems are on a near endless investigation searching for evidence to impeach Trump. Jordan explained that he thinks this a coordinated attack on the Dems part.

“What can you tell us about your democratic colleagues in the house and their willingness to proceed with impeachment proceedings?” Smith asked Rep. Jordan.

“Sandra, I think they’ve already started it, they just won’t formally declare it. There are secret memorandums of understanding, secret MOU’s between the various chairmen on how they will coordinate their attack on the president. I mean they are basically contracts, you are going to do this, we are going to fo this, we are going to share certain information. A coordinated effort to take down the president.

So I think they have already started they just won’t formally declare it. I think at some point they will probably do it. The American people know it’s not justified. The American people know it’s not going to succeed. But I don’t think the Democrats can help themselves. Remember after all the very first day of Congress they introduced articles of impeachment.”

“Is there anything Republicans can do here to appease Democrats and their ongoing requests…pertaining to the Russia probe?” Smith questioned.

“No, Because they are ridiculous,” Jordan said summing up this whole impeachment plan. Jordan went on to explain that the Dems are scouring every part of Trump’s life.

“This is the Democrats. So much focus on taking down the president and not any type of focus on doing what’s best for the country. I think this is where they are going to go so I don’t know what we can do to satisfy that. They are bound and determined to do things we’ve never seen before.”

Watch The Video Below. 

Rep. Jordan is right the Dems have lost sight of what their jobs are. They are no longer serving the American people, they are going after the president because he threatens their narrative. He threatens their ability to manipulate the public.

Trump has been calling out the Dem’s lies and making them look foolish almost on a daily basis. In light of all the Dem’s meddling, Trump is still doing his best to serve Americans and this country, something the Dems, have forgotten how to do.