Sarah Sanders Calls Out Dems For Doing Nothing To Fix The Border

Sarah Sanders appeared on Fox and Friends. They talked about the border crisis and how Dems are failing to act. They played a clip of Trump berating the Dems, claiming that Mexico is actually doing more to help America than Democrats.

Sanders commented on Trump’s statement.

“Well, it’s real simple, the Democrats are doing absolutely nothing, while the Mexicans are stepping up working with the president, to try and stop the illegal flow of immigrants coming into the country.”

“They’ve taken some unprecedented action over the course of the last week, worked with the president and his team to implement these things and we are hopeful that we will see some of the effect of that over the coming weeks and the numbers will start to drop,” Sanders said.

“But at the same time, Democrats in Congress for the longest time refused to even acknowledge the fact there was a problem. Now we are starting to see them acknowledge there is a problem, but doing absolutely nothing to fix it. Which may even be worse. Now they know there is a problem and they still do nothing. They are so focused on attacking this president and trying to beat him up because they have no message, they have no agenda, that they can’t even look at the real problems we have and try to fix them.

Watch The Video Below. 

Democrats should feel ashamed for how they have been acting. There are Americans that live along the border that are currently facing the repercussions of their inaction. But this is all because Democrats don’t seem to care about Americans anymore. Look at California working to give illegals free healthcare.

We are lucky Trump was able to get the Mexicans to act. The way it stands we not getting any help from a Dem Majority House. They practically want to roll out the red carpet and let MS-13 and whoever else in.