Sarah Sanders Says Even Dems Should Back The New Immigration Bill

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is more than hopeful about the new immigration bill, as she claims even the Dems should have no objection to it.

This would be a big deal considering Dems have been, it seems, against everything that the Trump Administration has put out. Sander appeared on Fox & Friends where she talked about the upcoming bill.

Host Brian Kilmeade started them off by asking Sanders about Immigration Reform.

She quickly explained that the reform they are bringing forward will compliment Sen. Lindsey Graham’s immigration legislation. She went as far as to say that the reform should bring many Dems on board too.

Host Steve Doocy then asked how Trump was going to bring the Dems to the table.

I think the best thing you can do to bring Democrats and Republicans together is to have a good plan which is exactly what we have in this,” Sanders told “Fox & Friends.” “There is nothing in there that Democrats shouldn’t be for. The big difference between Republicans and Democrats, in this case, is that we have actually laid out what we want to see happen in our immigration system.”

“We want to move to this merit-based system,” Sanders claimed. The Dems only seem to want open borders. Sanders also claimed that some Dems are actually starting to take note of the Border Crisis.

Sarah encouraged any Dems to visit the border as it will be eye-opening.

Watch The Video Below. 

“The Border has been broken for decades we are trying to do something to modernize the system,” Sanders claimed.

This is great news we should be bringing in people based on merit instead of opening our border up to just anybody and those that will just come here to leech off of the system.

We have a great economy under Trump and there is no reason not to get more people in here to help us continue to better America. But it is as Sanders says, they need to come here legally. People who can’t respect our laws should not get to benefit from our prosperity.