SC Pawn Shop Mocks Dick’s Sporting Goods Anti AR-15 Policy

It seems like every shooting has brought about a protest of some sort from Enterprise to Dick’s Sporting Goods. But that is corporate America trying to stay trendy and keep relevant. So for once a small business came back at the corporate anti-gun chain and made a sign to let the public know where it stands.

South Carolina Pawn Shop, Crossroads Pawn, and Auto made a point to stand by American Rights as opposed to the ever-changing whims of the left. They posted a sign to let people know that they will supply the community with the AR-15s that Dick’s has chosen to stop offering.

Crossroads Pawn posted a sign outside their store that reads:

“We Sell AR-15s Because We Are Not Dick’s.” 

The sign received mostly positive reviews as it made many locals chuckle.

We have a few people, you know, who weren’t in favor of the sign but our positive feedback really outweighed that negative feedback,” Barbara Davey, the store’s manager,

The pawn shop is just down the road from North Myrtle Beach High School and the sign was put up shortly before the deadly shooting at Santa Fe high school.

“I think they are upset because we are, you know, in a somewhat close proximity to the high school. But in no way do we advocate or support the tragedies that are going on in this country,” said Davey.”

Watch the News Reel Below.

This great play on words is of course inspired by Dick’s reaction to the recent demands for gun control. Dick’s decided to drink the Liberal Koolaide and believe that guns somehow are to blame. So they forgot about being a nonpartisan organization that sells to the masses and instead decided to cater to people that are not interested in guns. Dick’s raised their age restrictions to 21 for guns and then took their AR-15s off the shelves. They even went a step further destroying some of the sports rifles that had in stock.

I don’t know who made these poor decisions but Dick’s has already started to face the consequences. One of their larger gun suppliers Springfield Armory cut ties with them a few weeks back.

But I guess the sign sums it up.