Schiff Tries To Blow The Mueller Report Evidence Way Out Of Proportion

The Dems are trying to make the Mueller sound like it will end Trump. But currently, they don’t have the evidence to back up that claim. So now they are just running their mouths in hopes of scaring people into thinking Trump is impeachable.

Rep Adam Schiff was on ABC’s “This Week” where he made the outrageous claim that it was the GOPs fault that a Trump impeachment would not be successful.

“I think Elizabeth Warren makes an important point and that is the level of evidence in the Mueller report is serious and damning and under normal circumstance would by think without question within the realm of impeachable offenses,” Schiff somehow said with a straight face.

“We’re in an environment today where the GOP leadership people like Kevin McCarthy are willing to carry the president’s water no matter how corrupt, unethical, or dishonest the president’s conduct may be. In those kinds of circumstances, when Mitch McConnell won’t stand up to the president either, that means impeachment will be unsuccessful.”

“Now it may be we undertake impeachment nonetheless. I think what we are going to have to decide as a caucus, what’s the best thing for the country Is this the best thing for the country, take up an impeachment proceeding? To do otherwise sends a message that this conduct is somehow compatible with office. Or is it in the best interest of the country to not take up impeachment that we know will not be successful in the Senate because the Republican leadership won’t do its duty? That’s a very tough question. And I think it’s one not made overnight”

Watch The Video Below. 

Schiff is just sore that the Mueller Report did not cash his Russian collusion check. He had been holding out longer than anyone else. Even Nadler thinks they don’t have enough to go on right now in order to impeach Trump. Schiff is just looking for someone to blame for why he can’t go after Trump.