Schumer And His Kind Are Losing The SCOTUS Spending War

Liberals are up in arms about the Supreme Court Justice Pick Brett Kavanaugh. They are still thinking about their precious precedent from Roe v Wade. In a Politico article, it has been revealed that the pro-Kavanaugh camp is destroying the competition.

Conservatives have run more than $7.5 million in television ads thus far compared with approximately $1.3 million from liberals in the fight over Kavanaugh’s confirmation, according to spending analyzed by POLITICO and Advertising Analytics.”

Chuck Schumer came out to try and garner support and complain about Kavanaugh’s backing.

Conservative special interest groups are spending millions to get Judge Kavanaugh on the bench because they know he’s hostile to women’s reproductive rights, as well as protections for people with pre-existing conditions,” said Schumer. “If they weren’t so sure that he would push their agenda through the Supreme Court, they wouldn’t be backing him with their wallets,” the Senate minority leader said.”

But this a common Liberal response. Kavanaugh is not hostile towards Women’s rights, he is simply protecting babies. Babies that Liberals try and claim are just cells or some other “justification” for dodging the responsibility of their actions.

Leonard Leo, a close adviser to President Donald Trump on his Supreme Court nominees, was on hand at the Koch network’s recent donor confab in Colorado Springs, where he echoed a refrain that comes up frequently in conversations about spending on the right: Conservatives spend money on nominations because they need to correct Democrats’ habit of legislating from the bench.

“The left is far more engaged now than it was during the last Supreme Court confirmation,” Leo cautioned a room full of Koch donors. “They understand they depend very much on the courts for their policy outcomes as opposed to the democratic process, which doesn’t support much of what they believe in.”

They just can’t stand that they might have to think before they act.