Sean Hannity Makes Mince Meat Of CNN’s Brian Stelter

CNN’s Brian Stelter just needs to wave the white flag, in a feud with Sean Hannity he is getting shredded.

Last week Sean Hannity attacked CNN’s Brian Stelter because he once suggested that disgraced criminal lawyer Michael Avenatti should be the Democrat nominee for President. Even during his show Stelter asked others if that was stupid?


The same guy that wanted a corrupt lawyer to be President of the United States complained that Hannity was attacking him on Twitter because of his new book. Stelter said, “For my forthcoming book about Fox and Trump, I sent fact-checking Q’s to some of Hannity’s lawyers and confidants today. A few hours later, Hannity lobbed a bunch of Twitter missiles at me. Complete coincidence!

Hannity unloaded on Stelter asking him if he can beat Jim Acosta’s record, “Acosta sold around 14,000 Books when Levin sold half a million. Can you beat the Acosta record of failure??

Chapter 1 “I hate Trump”

Chapter 2 I hate Fox News

Chapter 3 I hate Hannity

Chapter 4 Being Jeff Zucker’s Stenographer, my life’s work.

Stelter tried to come back claiming that Hannity already knew about his book but the damage was done Stelter looked like a whiny three year throwing a temper tantrum.