Shameless Actress Comes Up With New Plan To Take On Trump

#Metoo Advocate Alyssa Milano thinks she has the solution to beating Trump. Milano believes that if all of the Dem presidential candidates come together they can beat Trump i the upcoming election.

She wrote an op-ed on where she explained her plan.

“If we want to get rid of Trump and his administration, we should not focus on electing one candidate. We should elect them all.”

“Imagine this: Vice President Biden is currently leading the field, so let’s start there. With Biden at the top and a Harris vice presidency we would speak to the majority of Americans who prefer Biden to any other candidate.

At the same time, we would bring the perspective of a new generation of leaders to the highest offices in the land. Attorney General Cory Booker could take on the NRA and the racial injustices he so often faced as mayor of Newark.

Elizabeth Warren could lead the Department of Education and it would transform our nation for generations. Bernie Sanders playing the role, as Secretary of Health and Human Services would ensure every person in America could access health care we could afford.

In any administration, Julian Castro’s experience as a cabinet secretary and Congressman would be the perfect antidote to the Trump regime’s border policy as the first Latinx Homeland Security Secretary.

But it needn’t stop there. New voices like Andrew Yang, as the head of the Council of Economic Advisors would bring business acumen and the idea of basic income to the president’s ear.

Pete Buttigieg applying his lived experience as an LGBTQ service member and executive expertise as a mayor to bear as the secretary of Veteran’s Affairs would be transformative to our nation’s heroes.

Beto O’Rourke as chief of staff to the president would guide the nation’s most important decisions with compassion and ease. Kirsten Gillibrand as Commerce secretary. Amy Klobuchar as Agriculture secretary. Former candidate Jay Inslee bringing environmental issues to the level they deserve as the helm of the Department of Energy. Strong union supporter Tim Ryan as Secretary of Labor. Treasury Secretary Delaney. Recently withdrawn Congressman and Veteran Seth Moulton as Secretary of Defense. Bullock at FEC. Bennet at Interior. 

And how could Michelle Obama say no to the critical role of Secretary of State if this unified group asked her to serve? Our reputation and luster around the globe would be instantly restored. If Biden doesn’t win the nomination, he would be a world-class leader in nearly any other department. Swap him out for anyone else.”

This would require all of the Dems coming together, which would be a feat in itself, and with all of their many strong personalities, it would be hard to lead them. But despite what Milano thinks this would not guarantee a win. Trump has given Americans a great economy. He has reduced unemployment rates to record lows and is trying his best to strengthen our border security. There is not a Dem in running that stands a real chance against him regardless of the what Dem run polls say.