Sharpton Defends Pelosi Claiming Trump Is A Sexist, Afraid Of Smart Women

Al Sharpton appeared on MSNBC’s “Deadline” with host Nicholle Wallace to talk about a video that Trump posted of Pelosi. The original video was taken down as it was found to be altered to exaggerate just how often Pelosi stammers. Sharpton commented on Trump posting such a video claiming that he is a sexist who is intimidated by Pelosi’s brains.

“I wanted to cover it without repeating and furthering his smear of Nancy Pelosi, which had the intent of doing exactly what he did to Hillary Clinton, who fell ill at an event, on 9/11 I think, in New York. This is part of the sexism of Donald Trump where he makes a woman look feeble, and this is part of the debasement of our politics where he irresponsibly tweets someone in a doctored video,” Wallace said opening up the discussion to her panelists.

“Absolutely I think it’s sexist. He does not do this to men. I think he’s intimidated by smart women. Nancy Pelosi is smarter than Donald Trump and he is intimidated by that. If you notice, every time there’s a meeting with them, he completely falls apart. He went berserk the other day, I mean there’s no other way to describe it. I think that his misogyny and his being unraveled by a smart woman. He just can’t help it.” “…This is the president of the United States…this is what is so alarming to me.” Sharpton claimed.

Watch The Video Below.

But Trump posted another unaltered video to point out that it didn’t need to be altered to show that she does stammer quite a bit.

This is not that farfetched. Pelosi fumbles a lot during her speeches, and she has been going after Trump claiming he wants to be impeached. She demonizes the president on the regular, so he takes a single swipe back at her, and it’s suddenly, ‘he is a sexist afraid of smart women.’ No, he is simply replying to the onslaught of name calling and mudslinging that he puts up with almost on the daily. Sharpton is just another cog of the Dem machine. His opinion might as well have been scripted.

The Dems just can’t handle a taste of their own medicine. They are coddling Pelosi trying to make her the victim. Just more biased news by the MSM.