Sick! School Punishes Male PE Teacher For Refusing To Watch Girl Undress

Florida’s Chasco Middle School proved that they have lost their way. They did so when they tried to force a male gym teacher to watch over a biologically female student in a changing room. It was nothing perverted. The student simply identified as a boy. So the school allowed the confused middle school girl to change with the boys in their locker room. The school permitted this without informing any of the students or parents, which left many boys embarrassed when a gender confused girl suddenly started changing beside them.

The school decided to bend over backward to try and accommodate the little girl. The confused teen had free reign to the male facilities and was permitted to shower and change with the boys. When teachers objected, they were scolded and given gag orders.

Both of the P.E. teachers, Robert O. and Stephanie C., objected to administrators’ orders to allow the girl into the bathroom, with no forewarning of the boys, or their parents, so that the boys could take steps to protect their privacy. Administrators told them that informing the boys so they could take steps to protect their privacy would be
“discriminatory,” and subject them to discipline.”

Robert also objected to administrators’ order that he continue to walk into and supervise the locker room, despite a girl potentially being nude or undressed in that area. The administrators told him that the girl in question had “every right to use the locker room,” including the right to disrobe in the open locker area, and shower in its open showers,
where Robert is required to periodically walk in and supervise. Robert will not knowingly place himself in a position to observe a minor female in the nude or otherwise in a state of undress. Now, Robert has been told by administrators that he will be transferred to another school as discipline for “not doing your job in the locker room.”

Luckily for everyone involved Liberty Counsel, a non-profit, stepped in to inform the school just how wrong they were.

A formal letter of complaint was sent to the school by Liberty Counsel. It was explained that the school was clearly in the wrong. They had no legal precedent for what they were trying to force on the teachers and students. They were making an uncomfortable situation for everyone except the confused middle schooler.

“It is not ‘discrimination’ to respect safety and privacy rights based on biological sex; nor is it ‘discrimination’ to respect parental rights to protect their minor children; and maintain safeguards against involuntary observation or molestation by members of the opposite sex, where children have a right to sex-based privacy protections.”

Liberty Counsel attorney Richard Mast discussed the situation. He explained how it is becoming more common for schools to make decisions without parental consent.

Unfortunately these things are going on across the country, primarily with school psychologists and guidance counselors,” said Mast. He noted that it’s standard for public schools to pass transgender policies without informing parents, voters, or taxpayers first. That means the public only hears about it after children have been affected, withholding all opportunities for parents to prevent their child’s exposure to this kind of sexual indoctrination, confusion, and exploitation.”