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Stormy Daniels Claims Trump “Completely Destroyed” Her Pornography Career

Stormy Daniels has made another preposterous claim. She feels Trump ruined her career in porn. She has been on a 10-month hiatus due to her notorious suit against Trump. During a talk at The Oxford Union, she told a packed hall her story.

Stormy claims that Trump ruined her career by fighting an allegation about consensual sex that she came at him with. If she didn’t want the attention she could have easily just stayed in Porn and not jump on the media bandwagon.

She plans to continue on in the Porn industry.

“But Daniels—real name Stephanie Clifford—vowed to keep working in the adult film world. Although she was on “an unofficial break” from writing and directing, she said she certainly hadn’t retired. “I’ll probably never leave the adult film industry,” she added.

Producing a porn film, Daniels told the packed debating hall, was an intensive process. “I write the script down, I do the budget, I do the shoot schedule, I pick out the wardrobe,” she said.”

She claims that she did not realize how big a deal it was to attempt to sue the President of The United States. That speaks for itself. What did she think was going to happen?

The Oxford Union, founded in 1823, calls itself “the world’s most prestigious speaker and debating society.” It’s hosted a wide variety of prominent and controversial speakers, from the Dalai Lama to Nancy Pelosi. On Friday, the Union is due to host Steve Bannon—an event already mired in controversy.”

If anything Trump brought her career back to life. She’s a 39-year-old pornstar, that was likely on her way out. The whole Trump-Stormy story made her infamous. She should feel lucky for the amount of publicity she received. Maybe she was just mixing up the word destroyed with revitalized.

Daniels is currently on a global tour of prominent adult entertainment clubs, tied closely into her political activism.”

But a global tour is a clear sign that her career is ruined right…