Taylor Swift Tells Rolling Stone She Plans To ‘Really Focus’ On Beating Republicans [Details]

Taylor Swift is just one of the many liberal stars to vow to help defeat the Republican party. Lucky for us, none of these wackos are lawmakers but their influence on their fans is something to take note of.

While speaking with Rolling Stone the singer stated that it’s her mission to focus on defeating republicans but adds that she doesn’t want to get in the way.

“I keep trying to learn as much as I can about politics, and it’s become something I’m now obsessed with, whereas before, I was living in this sort of political ambivalence because the person I voted for had always won,” Swift said. “I think a lot of people are like me, where they just didn’t really know that this could happen. But I’m just focused on the 2020 election. I’m really focused on it. I’m really focused on how I can help and not hinder. Because I also don’t want it to backfire again, because I do feel that the celebrity involvement with Hillary’s campaign was used against her in a lot of ways.”

Swift said that Democrats need to start thinking more like a team and quit the purity tests that can prevent more electable candidates from becoming the party’s nominees.

“I do think, as a party, we need to be more of a team,” Swift said. “With Republicans, if you’re wearing that red hat, you’re one of them. And if we’re going to do anything to change what’s happening, we need to stick together. We need to stop dissecting why someone’s on our side or if they’re on our side in the right way or if they phrased it correctly. We need to not have the right kind of Democrat and the wrong kind of Democrat. We need to just be like, ‘You’re a Democrat? Sick. Get in the car. We’re going to the mall.'”

Swift told Rolling Stone that she stayed out of the 2016 presidential elections to protect her own ‘mental health’ which sounds like a bunch of dramatics to me. Better put, it’s another way of saying ‘it wasn’t as popular to be liberal back then’.

Now that the majority of Hollywood has made it their personal mission to shame and humiliate their fellow stars that support conservative idealogy we can expect more extremism from the stars.