Ted Cruz Reminds Vox “Journalist” That YOUTUBE Is Not a Safe Space

Steven Crowder from “Louder with Crowder” found some new support from Senator Cruz. Cruz saw the ridiculous censoring that Vox author Carlos Maza was encouraging and called out youtube for buckling to the overly sensitive liberal.

This is ridiculous. YouTube is not the Star Chamber — stop playing God & silencing those voices you disagree with. This will not end well. ” Cruz wrote on Twitter.

Maza saw this and tried to attack the Cruz for defending Crowder on Twitter.

“A U.S. senator is coming to the defense of someone who spent two years calling me a “lispy queer.” They do this because they know that cares more about looking fair to right-wingers than it does about stopping hate speech and harassment.”

Conservatives have spent years arguing that even basic content moderation is a form of “censorship. Their goal is to scare platforms like @YouTube away from enforcing their hate speech policies. And it’s working, because YouTube doesn’t have the guts to protect its creators.”

“You can’t give these people an inch. They won’t stop crying “liberal bias!” until they’re allowed to use hate speech with impunity. And that’s exactly what @YouTube is allowing them to do.”

Ted Cruz then landed the finishing blow.

“Sigh. This individual claims to be a “journalist.” Then he throws a fit & demands that YouTube CENSOR views he doesn’t like. Here’s a crazy idea: if you don’t like what @scrowder says, ARGUE AGAINST HIM. Make your case in what John Stuart Mill called the “marketplace of ideas.”

Maza needs to calm down. Crowder is not saying anything mean. Maza identifies as gay and queer. Cruz has a valid point, it’s just that Maza knows he can’t beat Crowder in a fair fight, and that’s why he is attacking him in this offhanded way.

Liberals think that everything said online must be their opinion. They can’t handle it when someone has an opposing view, or says something that they might find offensive. But this is the real world, that is not how life works. People need to stop being so sensitive, not everyone is going to agree. We should all appreciate that we have the freedom of speech and hope that Liberals stop eating away at it.