The Alabama Case That Could Destroy Roe v Wade [Video]

Planned Parenthood and similar clinics are in for a big change due depending on the outcome on Alabama case. Madison County Probate Judge Frank Barger has done something groundbreaking.

He is allowing a father to sue the clinic that administered an abortion on his child without his consent.

Last month, Ryan Magers sued the Alabama Women’s Center for Reproductive Alternatives, an abortion clinic in Madison County, for providing his girlfriend with an abortion two years ago. Magers asked his girlfriend repeatedly to not get an abortion, but she went through with the procedure when the fetus was six weeks old, according to court documents.

Magers petitioned Madison County’s probate court to allow him to represent the estate of “Baby Roe.” On Tuesday, Probate Judge Frank Barger granted that petition — giving Magers the ability to sue on the fetus’ behalf.”

Barger’s decision marks the first time in  the U.S. that an aborted fetus is recognized to have legal rights.”

Baby Roe’s innocent life was taken by the profiteering of the Alabama Women’s Center and while no court will be able to bring Baby Roe back to life, we will seek the fullest extent of justice on behalf of Baby Roe and Baby Roe’s father,” Helms said in a statement.

Magers‘ attorney, Brent Helms, told WAAY 31 he isn’t aware of any case in the state like this one, and he thinks the case even has potential to create lasting legal precedent.”

Watch The Video Below.

“Abortion rights advocates, unsurprisingly, had a different take. Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, tweeted, “Very scary case.”

This case could make it so fathers have a voice when it comes to aborting a child. It could also make Abortion Clinics culpable for killing unborn babies.

I imagine the clinic is going to be getting some major support from Pro-abortion advocates and clinics. The precedent that could be set by this case would be detrimental to Planned Parenthood. And more importantly, could save the lives of many unborn children.