The NYT Concedes: There Is A Border Crisis But Blame Trump

The mainstream media is now trying to blame Trump for the Border Crisis. The New York Times which adamantly claimed that there was not a crisis during Trump State of the Union Address is now backpedaling. And somehow they have twisted it so Trump is still at fault.

During the SOTUA they claimed Trump was lying.

This is false.” Illegal border crossings have been declining for two decades. Customs and Border Protection arrested more than 50,000 people trying to illegally cross the southwestern border each month in October, November, and December. While that is an uptick from the monthly averages in the fiscal year that ended in September 2017, the numbers pale in comparison to the early 2000s, when border arrests averaged about 100,000 a month.

A record number of families have tried to cross the border in recent months, overwhelming officials at the border and creating a new kind of humanitarian crisis.”

But now after looking they actually looked into it, the NYT realized that there is a border crisis. But it’s Trump’s fault for not doing enough. Not the Liberals that have been tying his hands for months.

The number of migrant families crossing the southwest border has once again broken records, with unauthorized entries nearly double what they were a year ago, suggesting that the Trump administration’s aggressive policies have not discouraged new migration to the United States.

More than 76,000 migrants crossed the border without authorization in February, an 11-year high and a strong sign that stepped-up prosecution, new controls on asylum and harsher detention policies have not reversed what remains a powerful lure for thousands of families fleeing violence and poverty.

“The system is well beyond capacity, and remains at the breaking point,” Kevin K. McAleenan, commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, told reporters in announcing the new data on Tuesday.”

It’s amazing that the NYT can report like this. They have been claiming Trump was lying for the longest, supporting the Democrats that have been preventing him from fixing the border. And now that they realized that there is a crisis, Trump is still the villain since he hasn’t done enough. Talk about some BS. This is why you can’t trust the MSM because they report like this.