Tlaib’s Grandmother Admits She’s Not Willing To Visit Rashida Either

Earlier this year Rep Tlaib and Rep Omar were thinking about going to Israel to spread their anti-Israel message. They were, of course, stopped as no country wants to welcome bad behavior into their country. But Tlaib sent a message to the ambassador claiming that she wanted to see her elderly grandmother one last time, as she was worried about her health and age. So She was given permission to enter the country, but on the stipulation that she doesn’t spread her hateful anti-Israel message. Tlaib initially agreed to the conditions but changed her mind as she apparently couldn’t contain her hate. It turns out this stubborn nature is a common trait in the family, as her grandmother equally refuses to come and see her.

During an interview, Tlaib’s grandmother commented about visiting Rashida.

“We had planned to slaughter a sheep to celebrate her coming back to visit with us,” the lawmaker’s uncle Bassam Tlaib, 53, an electrician, said. “But we supported her decision. And we know why the Israelis didn’t want her here: Her visit would have shown how we Palestinians are suffering under their occupation,” he said,

Rep. Tlaib’s grandmother, despite her congenial offer to host Trump at her house to “enjoy sitting under an olive tree,” seemed ultimately less inclined toward conciliation.

“Even if I get an invitation from Trump to travel to the U.S., I won’t go,” she said. “Even if my husband returns from the grave and tells me to go, I refuse,” she said.

“I don’t like it there,” she added.

She said that she spent about 18 months in the U.S. when her granddaughter was in high school. “I decided not to ever go back after I made ‘Hadj'” – pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, prescribed as a religious duty for Muslims.

This is a cold family. Rashida has not seen her grandmother since 2006 and she still decided not to visit her… Maybe the whole Israel protest thing was just a cover, and she never wants to go back.