Transwoman Claims Discrimination On Surgery Costs – Who They Think Should Pay [Video]

Canada seems to be the place that U.S. Liberals dream about. They bend over backward for special interest groups. They do it so much, that people expect the government to give them practically everything they could want. This is the case for a transwoman that decided that the government owed her surgery. Breast augmentation surgery.

“Serina” Slaunwhite is claiming that she is being discriminated against because she was denied coverage.

This should be included along with the rest of the surgeries that are publicly funded by the province for sex reassignment surgery …. It’s gender discrimination,” Slaunwhite said when he filed the claim last week.

They told her it was not medically necessary.

Implants are not covered for any individuals who would prefer larger breasts,” health ministry spokeswoman Tracy Barron told Canadian Press.

“Breast implants are covered in Nova Scotia for severe congenital or developmental asymmetries and also in breast cancer reconstruction,” she added.”

Slaunwhite claims that Nova Scotia pays for everything else so why not this. She is surprisingly right.

Indeed, there’s very little in the line of sex-reassignment surgeries Nova Scotia doesn’t pay for: As well as mastectomies, including ones that leave the nipple intact, it funds oophorectomy, hysterectomy, penectomy, orchiectomy, phalloplasty, metoidioplasty, and vaginoplasty.

An oophorectomy is the removal of the ovaries; an orchiectomy the removal of one or more testicles; a metoidioplasty is the creation of a penis out of a hormonally enlarged clitoris, and vaginoplasty involves cutting and flipping the male member so it resembles a vagina.”

So it is surprising that they draw the line at breast implants when they will pay for full sex changes and pretty much everything else.

But this is what you get with an over the top Liberal country. Canadians are paying high taxes that go to things like this. Can you imagine if the US started pulling this? This is clearly an abuse of a medical system. These people are in medically sound health. Breast augmentation is cosmetic surgery.