Transwoman Sues After Woman Refuses To Wax His Family Jewels

A transwoman is nothing more than a man that now identifies as a woman. The person can still have the same anatomy they were born with or they can be altered to appear more female. Some will even take estrogen to go with their change. A Canadian transwoman filed 16 complaints with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal. She felt she was being discriminated against because female estheticians did not want to deal with her male genitalia.

Yaniv appeared on a radio show where she discussed her predicament.

“Now, you believe in God; I respect the fact that you believe in God. And I respect your point of view and I respect your belief and your faith in God. That doesn’t mean I have to believe in God. Do you understand the point?” the Host asked.

“I do,” Yaniv replied.

“Some people may respect you, and may respect that you want to be called Jessica, but they just don’t believe it,” the host said. “I’ll call him Jessica, I’ll respect that, but I don’t believe it and I don’t buy into it.”

“So what you’re essentially asking these women to do a service on you that they don’t believe in,” Boylan continued. “They don’t want to handle a man’s genitalia. Is that fair?”

“I’m protected under the BC Human Rights Code —” Yaniv started.

“And those women are protected, and those women are protected who have a right to say no,” Boylan interjected.

“They don’t,” said Yaniv. “Because, essentially … .”

The host then asked Yaniv, “Why do your rights trump theirs?”

Yaniv said the Tribunal is “coming to a balancing act to see how rights play out in this whole thing.”

Boylan argued that women should be free to choose not to wax male genitalia.

“Not when they discriminate against the rights of others,” Yaniv protested.

“They’ll argue that they’re not discriminating; they’re saying, ‘I’m sorry, we don’t supply a service … of the removal of hair from a genitalia that’s from a man,’ ” Boylan said. “And that’s what they’re saying; they’re using they shouldn’t be forced to do that.”

Listen To The Clip Below. 

This is messed up, Yaniv is forcing women to touch his junk. This shouldn’t even be a concern, the tribunal should just come back and so No. Why would Yaniv think that this is ok? Yaniv still has all the parts that he was born with. So it’s a man asking to be handled by women. This is just the level of absurdity that comes with gender identity politics.