Transwoman Weight Lifter Stripped of Championship Titles

Gender Identity politics are starting to be a problem for sporting competitions. Transpeople are entering into sports under their new gender identities and ruining the events for natural born males and females.

The issue is more often with men transitioning to women as they are taking advantage of their builds and lives filled with higher testosterone levels. Recently a transwoman was stripped of her world breaking records and titles when the judges found out that Mary Gregory was actually a transitioning male.

Following the event, Gregory posted on Instagram on April 27, thanking the federation for making her feel welcome as a transgender athlete and treating her as “just another female lifter.”

However, in a statement released on May 1, 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation president Paul Bossi said the group has stripped Gregory of her wins because he believes she is male.

“It was revealed that this female lifter was actually a male in the process of becoming a Transgender female,” Bossi said in the statement.

“Our rules, and the basis of separating genders for competition, are based on physiological classification rather than identification.

“On the basis of all information presented to the Board of Directors for this particular case, the conclusion made, is that the correct physiological classification is male.”

“Since the lifter’s gender classification for the purpose of our rules is not consistent with female, no female records will be broken by these lifts,” Bossi concluded.”

Men naturally have a larger bone structure, higher bone density, stronger connective tissue and higher muscle density than women,” the board wrote. “These traits, even with reduced levels of testosterone do not go away. While MTF may be weaker and less muscle than they once were, the biological benefits given them at birth still remain over than of a female.”

Gregory should have been disqualified from the beginning. It’s nice to see that this committee voted reasonably. Women should not have to compete against men, regardless of how they identify themselves.