Trey Gowdy Explains How The Dems Have It All Wrong

On Wednesday Bob Mueller found himself in front a group of impeachment hungry Dems. Mueller didn’t give them what they wanted, as they were hoping he would give them some mystical key to impeaching the president. Gowdy appeared on “The Story” with Martha MacCallum, where he explained how the Dems don’t seem to understand what is needed to commit a crime.

“They are having a hard time getting their standards right. In the criminal justice realm, you are cloaked with the presumption of innocence and that remains with you unless and until the United States government proves each essential element of an offense beyond a reasonable doubt.

That’s whether you are the president or whether you are Andy McCarthy. That’s the standard. Cicilline and others are applying a political standard that it somehow the president’s responsibility to exonerate himself or prove that he did not do something. You can’t do it, which is why we don’t make people do it in the court.”

Watch The Video Below.

The Dems are still trying to take blood from a stone at this point.

Mueller said he would not address any questions involving Attorney General William Barr or the actions of Congress. That’s a big blow for Democrats, who very much wanted to explore differences in public statements about the special counsel investigation between Mueller and Barr, particularly as it related to how Barr characterized the findings of the report on obstruction.”

But Dems are still hopeful since Mueller claimed that he didn’t indict Trump because he was instructed that you can’t go after a sitting president. But the part that they are overlooking, is that Mueller chose not to subpoena the president to answer any questions when he had the full power to do so.

These Dems are grasping at straws and wasting taxpayer money with this witchhunt.