True Patriot Kid Rock Destroys Joy Behar During Interview, Calls It Like It Is [Video]

Kid Rock let the public know how he feels about The View host, Joy Behar. During an interview with Fox’s Steve Doocy, Kid Rock let Behar have it.

“We can disagree and still be cordial with one another and just talk about things without going for each other’s throats and protesting everything,” Kid Rock claimed.

“God forbid you say something a little bit wrong you’re racist, homophobic, Islamophobic… people need to calm down, a get a little less politically correct, and, I would say love everybody. Except I’d say screw that Joy Behar bitch, everybody but that.” Rock continued.

“I mean listen, she’s just got a different point of view than you do,” Doocy said trying to smooth out that comment.

“Exactly, maybe we’ll go hash it out with her and talk about it,” Rock responded. “Aside from joking, which I was, it’s just about being to hash it out with people and have your thoughts and ideas but be able to still go and have a beer with somebody and just say hey you know we love this country, you know let’s have different ideas but try to move forward and be more together and realize at the end of the day we’re all Americans.”

Watch The Clip Below.

Behar aside from being herself may have brought this on when she claimed a White House visit including Kid Rock was the saddest day in White House history.

So, is this the saddest day in the history of the White House since the British burned it to the ground in 1814?”

But she did respond to Rock’s comment inviting him to join her on The View.

“Joy Behar said, “All I can say is this bitch, and these bitches will be happy to have you on the show and have a beer.”

They were dumbfounded as to why Kid Rock would feel that way toward Behar. Her co-host Sonny Hostin claimed it was because she was a “powerful voice in this country.” Right…

I don’t see why anyone would want to jump into that den of vipers.