Trump Just Posted This Video Of Obama, and It’s Savage

Democrats think that only Republicans want border security and a wall. But it wasn’t so long ago that the Dems felt that there was a crisis at the border. The crisis was recognized all the way up to the top as Obama even admitted there was a crisis while he was president.

If that were not enough Obama also called for politicians to put politics aside and come together to fix the border. Trump recently called for the same thing and what did Dems do? They snubbed him at every avenue.

They threw his olive branch away, dismissing his call to action and instead ridiculed him and prevented him from doing his job. We had a govt shutdown because of the Dem’s stubborn stance. They were so adamant about sticking it to Trump that they changed their stance on the subject.

But this doesn’t hurt Trump this hurts Americans, the people that Democrats are supposed to be worried about.

Democrats have been running around talking about immoral it is to build a wall at the border. That’s a little weird when you consider the fact Democrats have been openly talking about barriers at the border for decades. In fact, just a few years ago Obama agreed with Trump that we have a humanitarian crisis at the border.”

Watch The Clip Below.

The Dem are counting on their base to have a short term memory as even Nancy Pelosi has expressed concerns about the border before. Lucky for us Trump remembers how the Dems used to care about border security and he is not afraid to call out these two faced Dems.