Trump Sticks It To Libs Selling The One Thing They All Seem To Despise

Blue states have all sorts of big issues to tackle. Look at California they have an infestation of rats, an, unfortunately, booming homeless population, and lots human waste due to their homeless population.

On the National side, we have the border crisis, and yet none of these things seem to bother the liberals as much as plastic straws, as many Liberal areas have banned them. So to help these strawless victims of the Liberals, Trump is making it possible to get some on his website, and for some reason, the Libs are angry about it.

President Donald Trump’s campaign has come up with a new way to raise funds for the 2020 election: selling straws with his name on them.

The official 2020 Trump/Pence campaign website is selling a 10 pack of straws for $15 as “liberal paper straws don’t work.”

As reported by Business Insider, it appears the Trump family have held “liberal” straws in disregard for some time, with the president’s eldest son Donald Trump Jr simply tweeting: “Paper Straws Suck #Trump2020” back in June.

In response, Greenpeace Oceans Campaign Director John Hocevar told Newsweek: “Donald Trump has based his entire presidency on lies and divisiveness, so it is no surprise that he is selling plastic straws because his presidency is a cheap throwaway with disastrous long term consequences.

“As usual, Trump has either missed the point or is outwardly lying to his base.

“The vast majority of plastic straws are not recycled in the U.S., which means they end up incinerated, piling up in landfills, or polluting our oceans.

“As communities across the country rally around various plastic bans, understanding that only 9 percent of all plastic has actually been recycled, Donald Trump is doubling down on preserving a lifeline for his friends in the chemical and fossil fuel industries. Shocking.”

It should be noted that the laser-engraved straws, which are made in the U.S., are BPA-free, reusable and recyclable.”

Liberals obviously have their panties in a bunch about plastic straws. I wonder how angry they will be when they see people drinking out straws that say Trump on them?