Trump’s Deal With Mexico Continues To Save American Taxpayers

Trump’s plan once again pays off. Mexico is still holding up its end of the bargain and keeping the massive caravans at bay. This time an additional 2k were trying to come here from a variety of countries. This plan with Mexico benefits us on multiple fronts we don’t have to worry about further straining our border agents as they work to process people, and the caravans are being dealt with so far from our border, that these migrants won’t even have the chance to cross into our country illegally.

Mexico’s military police on Saturday halted and turned back a caravan of up to 2,000 migrants from Africa, the Caribbean and Central America, hours after they embarked toward the United States, according to Reuters witnesses.

The migrants had departed before dawn from Tapachula in the southern state of Chiapas near Guatemala despite an ongoing crackdown on migration on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border.”

Around 500 members of Mexico’s National Guard military police in helmets and tactical vests blocked the highway on both sides, according to a Reuters witness, and some pursued migrants who fled into neighboring fields.

Officials from Mexico’s national immigration institute detained most of the group, putting them on buses back to Tapachula. About 150 migrants decided to return on foot.

President Trump, who frequently described the caravans an “invasion,” brokered a deal with Mexico in June, promising to avert tariffs on imports if Mexico clamped down on U.S.-bound migration.”

Mexico’s export-driven economy is highly dependent on commerce with the U.S., and the government has become far less hospitable to migrants.

Mexico has offered refugees the possibility of obtaining work and residency permits to stay in southern Mexico, far from the U.S. border. But those asylum permits are slow-coming in an overstretched immigration system.”

But I am sure the MSM will be all over this story ready to praise Trump for saving taxpayers and keeping us safe…