Tucker Carlson: Should The United States Go To War With Assad? [Video]

Tucker Carlson Asks The Tough Questions About Saturdays Bombing In Syria But Makes Several Points We Shouldn’t Ignore.

The world is holding their breath waiting for President Trump’s game plan on what to do with Syria. Saturdays Chlorine gas attack has brought the question of war back to the table.

The liberal media started bashing the President immediately, for taking ‘too much time’ to declare war. While some question the timing and who actually benefits from American intervention.

Tucker Carlson, under stern criticism, questions the bipartisan agreement to attack before having all of the facts. By asking what Assad stands to gain by

As Reported By Rebecca Kheel With The Hill:

Washington on Monday debated how to respond to the new allegations of chemical weapons use by the Syrian regime.

Over the weekend, horrifying pictures and videos emerged of civilians in the Damascus suburb of Douma dead and dying after an apparent chemical attack. At least 49 people have been reported dead and hundreds injured.

Airstrikes hit a Syrian airbase Sunday night, but the Pentagon says it was not the U.S. military’s doing. Syria and Russia claimed Israel carried out the strike, but Israel has not commented.

What might Trump do?: Almost exactly a year ago, the U.S. military launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at a Syrian airbase in response to a sarin gas attack blamed on Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Defense Secretary James Mattis wouldn’t rule out airstrikes to respond to the latest attack.

According to Fox Insider, Secretary of Defense James Mattis said he won’t rule out a possible military strike against Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces following a suspected chemical attack that killed dozens in a town near Damascus.

Should the United States prepare for war with Syria before examining the facts? Do you think that Carlson is right and the timing seems ‘too perfect’? Let us know in the comments below.