TX Rep Has an Amazing Alternative For Border Control – Completely Ignored by Media Giants

If all else fails in getting the funding for the border wall, Trump has other options. One, that a Republican from Texas has offered a viable solution that even Democrats can’t rationally dispute- even though they likely will.

A Republican lawmaker, Will Hurd, has been arguing for years that stretching a fiber-optic cable “from sea to shining sea” would do far more to secure the border than physical barriers.

By the University of Arizona researchers’ accounts, the experiment was a resounding success, heralding a new frontier in border-security technology.

A fiber-optic cable installed in the loose, sandy soil could tell precisely what was moving above it — be it a 200-pound man, a group of people concealed in a cloud of dust from a passing car, a wandering dog, or a pair of cantering horses.

“At the time, there was a lot of interest from the federal government,” Moe Momayez, an associate professor of mining and geological engineering, told INSIDER. “But like anything else, it just dies off.”

So, how would it work?

“You need something that can detect a threat and track that threat until you’re able to deploy your most important resource — the men and women of Border Patrol — to do that interdiction,” he added.

Contrary to popular belief, satellites carry less than 1% of human communications. Fiber-optic cables, stretching across the sea floorburied under cities, and connected to people’s homes, carry the rest. While they’re mostly used to transmit telecommunications, they can also detect motion.

Lawmakers like Hurd have been trying for years to push for this enhanced technology at the border rather than physical barriers, but they’ve had limited success.

The technology itself is simple enough, Momayez said. All his experiment in the Sonoran Desert required was a simple fiber like the ones that have become commonplace for providing internet in American homes.

“That’s the beauty of the technology that we tested. You don’t need to put any sensors on the fiber, the fiber itself can be turned into a sensor,” he said. “Because we can detect movement, we can detect events anywhere along the length of the cable.”

The technology can also reportedly detect the size of the object in motion. Which seems useful in limiting any false positives. So, If Democrats keep pushing against Trump’s rather modest request for just 200 miles to be closed off, the President has options.

It could even be an option they’ll hate more because it could easily be placed along the entire border and potential stop Democrats flow of illegal voters. Do you think this is something the President should look into if Democrats keep their little tantrum going? Let us know in the comments below.