Uh Oh, DOJ Cleared Micheal Flynn Of Being A Russian Agent Turning Up The HEAT On Comey

Former national security advisory, Micheal Flynn knew what he was doing when he hired his attorney Sidney Powell. Thanks to new documents discovered by Powell the DOJ has cleared Flynn from being a ‘Russian assest’. Flynn plead guilty after the previously suppressed information would have exonerated him.

The claim came as Flynn’s lawyers said in a status conference in a Washington, D.C., courthouse that they are now seeking to have the case against him thrown out, accusing the prosecution of “egregious conduct and suppression” of possibly exculpatory evidence.

“We’ve … learned that there was a letter dated January 30th, 2017, or an internal memo from the Department of Justice, that completely exonerates Mr. Flynn of being an agent of Russia, and that document has not been produced to us yet,” lawyer Sidney Powell said, according to a transcript of Tuesday’s hearing obtained by Fox News.

Powell continued: “So they had a lot of information that they didn’t disclose. They also have knowledge of a letter from the British Embassy that completely discredits [Trump dossier author] Christopher Steele and undoes the whole Steele dossier debacle.”

That’s right. Former FBI director James Comey reportedly held the key in his hand that would have saved his team as well has Democrats the embarrassment of discovery. Now that the world knows the Dossier was bogus the whole mess is unwinding and will likely come back around to get Comey.

As RedState points out, this new development is a game-changer. It just adds to what we now know Comey had in hand before pursuing the Trump administration:

During this pivotal meeting on February 14, 2017, Comey was likely aware of three crucial pieces of information. He knew that Flynn had been cleared of both colluding with Russians and of Logan Act violations. And he probably knew that the British government considered Steele to be untrustworthy. Yet he withheld this information from the President. Most importantly, knowing this, he opened an obstruction case against Trump.

After Trump fired Comey, he gave copies of his memos to his professor friend (who conveniently had a security clearance as I posted here), with instructions to leak them to the New York Times. He hoped this would trigger the appointment of a special counsel to invest Trump for obstruction of justice. And he was not disappointed.

(Note: New documents obtained by Judicial Watch on Wednesday discuss DOJ officials’ behind the scenes efforts to spin the New York Times‘ report that Rod Rosenstein had discussed wearing a wire to record President Trump to gain evidence for possibly invoking the 25th Amendment to remove him from office. In those documents, DOJ officials allegedly discuss three ways to oust Trump from office, one of which was the appointment of a special counsel. I will cover this separately in a later post. I feel breathless, kind of like Rachel Maddow.)