WaPo Caught Red Handed Spreading FAKE NEWS That The GOP Used 9/11 For Votes [Video]

The ever-spinning Washington Post spun a story that North Carolina Republicans held a vote to veto the budget while Democrats were all away observing 9/11 memorials. Sounds shady, right? There’s just one problem, it was complete BS. Thanks to diligent reporters who were actually in attendance at the memorials we now know that only two Democrats even went to events.

That didn’t stop good ole Wapo from spinning their story and producing a lie that spread like wildfire. Even after the Newspaper printed a retraction/ correction the story continues to fill the liberal media airways.

It’s hard to access Washington Post’s original publication but the folks at the DailyWire took notes so the rest of the world would know what they had done:

“While most North Carolinians were remembering the lives lost on Sept. 11, 2001, the Republican leaders in the General Assembly took advantage of a half-empty House and voted to override the governor’s budget veto Wednesday morning,” the Post’s Lateshia Beachum reported Wednesday. The Republicans, Beachum reported, held the vote after allegedly promising Democrats that no vote would take place on the anniversary of the terror attacks.

The insanity was even evident on the floor. However, during her rant, Rep. Deb Butler (D) attempted to hold up the process claiming that they were tricked into not attending despite the previous announcement that the vote would continue on schedule. This might be where WaPo got the idea? I don’t know.

But listen close, in her argument does she not say that Democrats were away working on a ‘re-districting process’?  Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t that in violation? All redistricting is supposed to be done in public view but in this situation, no one really knew where most of these Dems were.

The Post’s initial report uncritically published Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s claims at a news conference that “House Republicans called for a ‘surprise vote’ while he and House members were honoring first responders on the anniversary of 9/11.”

“Republicans called a deceptive surprise override of my budget veto,” said Cooper. “Unfortunately, it’s the people of North Carolina who lose.”

“Republicans were unable to override the veto for about two months as long as Democrats were present in the chamber, Cooper said,” the Post reported. “The General Assembly needs a three-fifths majority to override a veto, which Republicans lack.”

The Post’s report gave the impression that many of the Democrats were absent specifically because they were attending the 9/11 memorial and Republicans deliberately used the memorial to push through the vote. In its tweet promoting the article, the Post emphasized that claim, declaring, “North Carolina Republicans overrode a budget veto while Democrats were at a 9/11 ceremony.”

CBS News also ran with it after reporting that a local news media outlet (WTVD) said “many Democrats were at 9/11 commemoration events.” Except there was no such claim in WTVD’s reporting other than Cooper’s claim.

“NowThis News” ran with this framing in a tweet that has well over 20,000 retweets as of this writing, and which has been retweeted by liberal comedian Sarah Silverman and actress Alyssa Milano among others. Rachel Maddow ran with this framing (nearly 7,000 RTs). The Daily Beast ran with the framing as well.

So where were Democrats? It appears that their leadership spread the word that a vote would not be held Wednesday despite previous announcements that it would continue on as scheduled.

Whatever you want to believe, the claim that Democrats were not able to attend because they were all away observing 9/11 memorials is totally bogus.