Warren Tries To Glorify Her Expensive Environmental Plan

Dem Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren tried to exaggerate the importance of her Green New Deal Plan.

She feels it’s on the same level as the Apollo Program during JFK’s presidency when we landed on the Moon. Does she really think that little of the moon landing?

The Apollo 11 mission is a perfect reminder that if we dream big enough, fight hard enough, and invest in American ingenuity, we can accomplish incredible things,” she tweeted after promoting her “Green Manufacturing Plan.” “In fact, we can protect our planet for generations to come,” Warren added.”

Warren’s payment plan involves taxing Americans companies that are being encouraged to stay here and employee Americans through tax cuts. She wants to end those tax cuts and charge these companies in order to fund her Green Deal.

So under her plan, we could watch as companies abandon ship and start outsourcing more. It would definitely hurt our unemployment rate. But as long as we are being environmentally sound, I guess we don’t need jobs…