Watch: Carlson Takes On Corporate Giant Over Conservative Suppression

Free Speech is an American Right. But it seems online voices are being squelched and our rights are being violated. Tech Giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Google seem to be biased against conservative voices. This bias has translated into silencing conservatives. Tucker Carlson discussed this on his show. How Googles is not only violating our rights as Americans but shaping our culture as our voices are being heard less and less.

Carlson had on Robert Epstein “a seasoned research psychologist from American Institute for behavioral research and technology and one of the people who’s paid closest attention to the power that Google has.”
Carlson started off by asking Epstein if we could trust Google. Since there has been evidence leaked that they are manipulating information to push their liberal view.
“It’s frightening to me that this company, with very strong political leanings, has the power to shift millions of votes to shift opinions on a massive scale without people knowing that they’re doing it and without being accountable to the public,” Epstein responded.

“How can you have a democracy under those circumstances, where one privately held company has the power to manipulate people’s behavior without people knowing it? Tucker Asked.

“That’s what I am saying… The situation gets even worse when these huge tech companies, the two largest being Google and Facebook, when they both have the same political leanings. So you know in that kind of scenario we’re talking about the ability to shift in the midterm elections I calculated upwards of 12 million votes with no one having any idea that they’re doing this. This is not like fake ads which you can see, this is invisible manipulation. I might literally have to invent new names for the techniques they’re using because they’ve never existed before,” Epstein explained.

So Google claims they are not doing this because they are good people. Yet they have a company code of conduct that reminds them “Don’t be evil.”

Google “believes they are doing good for humanity…good for the U.S. by imposing their values, their thinking on the rest of us.”

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Tucker asked about what could be done and Epstein had a bleak answer. We have to wait for Europe to step up to Tech Companies. As it stands Congress will not act as Republicans don’t like regulations and the Democrats are benefiting from Google’s actions.