Watch: Cops Take On Buttigieg Head On: “Drop The Politics”

Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg is under scrutiny after he didn’t back his own police force.

Buttigieg is the Mayor of South Bend, Indiana. An officer recently had to defend himself, after a black male came at him with a hunting knife. The knife-wielding man did not survive the encounter. The Officer did not get a chance to activate his body cam, and now the black community feels this incident is racist.

Buttigieg did defend the police, he instead talked about, additional training and the need to hire more officers that better reflect the community. He’s practically agreeing that this incident was about race.

Harvey Mills the president of The Fraternal Order of Police,(FOP), commented on the Mayor’s stance and weak apology of pizza.

“Last week, while Mayor Buttigieg continued to run a presidential campaign in which he often falsely implies that South Bend police officers are racist, he refused to apologize, instead he delivered us pizza.”

“Our officers are brave men and women who put their lives on the line for the community each day. We ask that instead of delivering pizza, the mayor deliver some respect for what police officers do and drop the politics.”

“If this was a lame attempt to apologize to South Bend police officers, it didn’t go over very well. The FOP supports accountability and the facts. Unfortunately, the mayor did not wait for any facts, before condemning the officer.”

Watch The Video Below.

Pete Buttigieg wants to be the president of the United States, yet he can’t even handle controversy as a mayor?

It seems like the role of president would be out of his league. He jumped the gun siding with the community instead of the police. He made his decision before all of the facts came out. And he thinks he should lead us…