Watch: Hillary Makes More Demands From Kavanaugh, Hypocrisy Overload

Where do the Democrats get off sending Hillary in on a sexual assault accusation case? They must feel like Clinton is the sexual assault ambassador after her numerous accusations against both her and her husband, Bill Clinton.

News flash, just because she’s ‘been there’ doesn’t make her the best candidate to be the face of ‘moral standing. In fact, Hillary has several accusations of enabling her husband to commit sexual assault so having her advocate is like having an accused murderer speak on preventing violence. Which she does, by the way.

Clinton appeared on Steven Cobert’s late night show to make, yet another, demand of Kavanaugh. She showed no remorse, let alone sympathy, the multiple accusations of sexual assault against her husband.

When asked if she could sympathize at all with the Republican party for what since her husband was also accused of sexual misconduct and assault. Clinton replied “no sympathy”. She accused the Republican party of stonewalling and trying to push Kavanaugh through without an investigation.

Nevermind the endless requests to hear Kavanaugh’s accuser’s testimony or that the Democrats sat on the accuser’s letter until the 11th hour. Ensuring it would be impossible to replace Kavanaugh, if need be, before the November elections.

Instead, Clinton demands more of an investigation and to delay Kavanaugh’s hearing until the accuser agrees to testify:

As Written By The LA Times:

Christine Blasey Ford, the California woman who alleges Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in high school, is willing to “provide her firsthand knowledge” to the Senate Judiciary Committee next week, her attorneys said Saturday, and the committee has tentatively agreed to hold a hearing on Thursday.

Lawyers for Ford, a research psychologist at Palo Alto University, said they want another meeting with committee staffers to negotiate her appearance, however, meaning a resolution to the politically sensitive standoff is not yet certain.

The Senate Judiciary Committee offered to Professor Ford’s testimony on Wednesday, but it appears that her legal team believes this process to be unfair. Sen. Chuck Grassley originally threatened to hold the vote to confirm Kavanaugh on Monday if Katz and her team did not reach a reasonable agreement last night at 10:00 PM. They did not. Sen. Grassley then opted to give the Professor Ford’s more time, until 2:30 PM today to come to sort of agreement. Based on this letter from Katz, it appears no agreement has been met.