Watch: Judge Jeanine: Mueller Is A Serial ‘Cleaner’ – Reminds Viewers Of Alleged Benghazi Connection

WOW! In her BLAZING opening statement, Judge Jeanine Pirro destroys Mueller with his own past.

“When covert missions go wrong, the government calls in its own cleaner,” Pirro said, after recalling the Winston Wolfe character in “Pulp Fiction,” played by Harvey Keitel.

“And when things go terribly wrong for the Democrats, they don’t just call in a cleaner to get the job done, they call in someone who’s been in the clean-up business for a long time, they call in the serial cleaner, former FBI director, and now Special Counsel Bob Mueller,” she added.

After detailing a long list of questionable actions by players involved in the Russian collusion investigation, the former prosecutor suggested that special counsel Robert Mueller is “panicking” because President Trump’s legal team doesn’t want him to “talk to your team of Trump haters.”

Pirro noted that a “holier than thou” Mueller refuses to investigate the “real crime that keeps jumping out,” that being the nefarious actions of these players, beginning with fired FBI director James Comey, and then pointed out how Mueller covered for Hillary Clinton in Benghazi, BPR reported.

“Your credentials as a  government serial cleaner are really good,” she stated. “You testified — after four Americans are killed in Benghazi — to cover for Hillary Clinton’s incompetence. Bob, why would you say that the FBI couldn’t get to Benghazi in time?”

“Bob, honestly,  you look and sound like a fool,” Pirro continued. “CNN and just about every newspaper in the country, in the world, got there. They made there it, but the FBI couldn’t? Hey, I get it, a good cleaner wants a crime scene as trampled as possible. But you know, Bob, we are all getting tired of this and this all comes down to your effort to get Donald Trump indicted and you are panicking. You got nothing.”